Gluten free hotel restaurant La Paul

Hotel La Paul is actively and regularly entered in the 2001 list of the Association of Italian Celiacs among the restaurants for celiac disease; since then, the food is carefully prepared and contains both main dishes and breakfast and snacks: the dishes are prepared with the utmost attention to the development and origin of products used which are selected exclusively within the products of great quality and variety. The restaurant of the hotel constantly aims to offer a more complete service through quality, variety of choice and, thanks to the timetable of the kitchen, gluten-free food. Furthermore, the chef is available to customers who wish to eat gluten free food and creates custom menus for events, anniversaries and for any information.

Breakfast gluten free

The breakfast is served as buffet and you can find plum cakes, biscuits, yogurt, jam, nutella, cornflakes, croissants, ham, sliced bread, gluten-free bread.

senza-glutine-colazione senza-glutine-colazione senza-glutine-colazione

Halfboard gluten free

Our halfboard menus have a choice of four first and scond courses, side dishes and desserts. The menus are almost identical to those with gluten and only the pasta shapes vary.


First courses gluten free

We prepare risotto, fresh pasta, gnocchi, crepes with various sauces, starting from basic ingredients; we do not use ready-made sauces or creams. The dried pasta is the best brands or we make our gluten-free pasta such as lasagne, tagliatelle, noodles.

senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione

Second courses gluten free

Grilled meat and fish or fried seafood, steaks, chicken nuggets, breaded, au gratin, beef in “crust of bread”; side dishes of fries, baked potatoes, croquettes.

senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione

Dessert gluten free

For dessert, we serve gluten free dry or fruit, chocolate or sponge cakes, tiramisu, crème caramel, ice cream, puddings.

senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione senza-glutine-mezzapensione

Packed lunche gluten free

For your days or trips to parks, we will prepare for you a picnic lunch with sandwiches, drinks, dessert or snack.

Banquet gluten free

We have a series of menus for banquets and celebrations; the menu can be gluten-free for all or only for those with celiac disorders; very fresh meat and fish.