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excellent starting point to visit the Garda mountain bike

Garda Bike Hotel: lower Garda has the characteristic of being flat or hilly, therefore suitable for cycling without having to have a good athletic training. In particular, the central location of Sirmione, it is convenient to visit both the lakeside towns of the coast and those inland, in search of villages, castles, wineries, or follow the Mincio. Unusual experience also match journeys by boat to get to various countries of the coast and then visit them by bicycle or visit Brescia and Verona, leaving the car outside the historic center.

Garda bike Hotel for cyclists servicies:

in the hotel you can find bikes suitable for riding nearby, or you can rent a professional bike, mountainbike or running, if you need it; if you have your bike with you, we set up a secure storage with grid, bench work and support for bike repairs. Not far away there are also affiliated mechanical for any  failures, or for spare parts. In reception we have maps of routes in lower Garda area, a collection of bike paths and in season (April-October) we provide a guided tour group also suitable for families in some places in the morning with bilingual guide. (The guided tour service is temporarily suspended)

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Here some Tour on Garda with sheets available in hotel suitable for mtb-Tour – bicycle routes for families – routes for cyclists

Tour of Valtenesi, a hilly area known for Garda Classico wine and claret and extra virgin olive oil, with glimpses of Lake Garda, passing through castles, medieval villages, pile-dwelling sites and with passages between the lake and the hills covered with vineyards

Tour of the morainic hills of Garda lake, itinerary between the production areas of the famous Lugana wine and Custoza wine, among extensive vineyards in the heart of the Morainic Hills of Garda, areas in which the battle of Solferino and San Martino was fought in 1859, with other castles and with variations between the hamlets of the hinterland with fortresses, Romanesque churches, archaeological sites

Tour of Mincio river from Peschiera and along the river you can get to Mantua, a quiet ride suitable for everyone on a cycle path that goes from villages of the most beautiful in Italy as Valeggio and Borghetto

Lake Tour, about 160km along the lake and passing all the countries that overlook it

Tour of Valpolicella, a pleasant up and down between the hills of a beautiful historic area of red wines famous all over the world, with villages perched on the hills and with beautiful manor houses, passing between vineyards and wineries.

Tour of Mount Baldo with a nice ride up to 23 km uphill and with a fantastic view of Lake Garda.

See all the bike tour on the Garda and their boards that you can find in our Garda Bike Hotels for cyclists

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