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Garda Parks

Garda Parks recalls for years thousands of tourists, both amusement parks that natural parks.

Garda Natural Parks

Lake Garda is known for centuries throughout Europe for its mild climate and the beauty of its landscapes, which led here famous people of European culture across the Alps; in an area small enough you can enjoy a variety of landscapes, from the plains of the hinterland of Lake Garda, the Morainic Hills, Mount Baldo or forests of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park and Valle di Ledro. Among the best-known natural parks of Garda Lake are Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park, Mincio River Park (Parco del Mincio), Parco Natura Viva Zoo and Safari Park, Sigurtà Garden Park, the botanical Heller Garden, aprk of Rocca di Manerba. La Paul hotel in Sirmione is located in a perfect position to arrange a visit to all of these natural parks of Lake Garda.

Parco Natura Viva-Zoo safari: in Bussolengo, you find three areas to visit: the wildlife park and reptile, with a walk in the tropical jungle; Zoo safari, to do by car as an African safari; Extinction park, a walk through large animals of the past. Open from March to November, about twenty chilometers from hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

Mincio Natural Park: it is a natural park that stretches from Garda lake to Mantua lakes and Po river; it is divided into Upper, Middle and Lower Mincio; the part closest to the Garda is the Upper Mincio and includes some natural reserves, of which the closest is that of Castellaro Lagusello, set among the moraine hills of Lake Garda, hosting also one of the four centres for visiting the park; the others are: Bertone Park in Goito, Rivalta Park in Rivaltaon Mincio and that of Chiavica del Moro. Castellaro Lagusello is about 15 kilometers from hotel La Paul.

Sigurtà Garden Park: it is a garden park set in the beautiful area of Valeggio sul Mincio and Borghetto; depending on the season, the colours of the park change due to the different blooms. In addition to the natural aspect, there are shows organized mainly for families; the park can be visited either by bicycle or with golf cars that can be rented inside.

Alto Garda Bresciano Park: consists of two territories: the Riviera del Garda, with Mediterranean features and the inland mountains with peaks that reach two thousand metres. The area is spread over nine towns (Salò, Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno, Gargnano, Tignale, Tremosine, Limone sul Garda, Valvestino and Magasa) and includes eight museums (Museum of the Centro Visitatori Park, Ecomuseum Limonaia Pra’ dela Fam, Ethnographic Museum of Valvestino, Botanical Museum Don Pietro Porta, Lemonhouse of Castèl, the Archaeological Museum A.M. Mucchi, Nature Observatory, permanent exhibition “Ancient trades, the water mill”.

Garda Lake Amusement Parks

Gardaland Park:  it is the most famous amusement park in Italy, constantly changing, offering a multitude of attractions for children of all ages. More than 30 attractions and over 10 shows; inside there are also restaurants, bars, kiosks and shops. Entertainment for the whole family, guaranteed. Gardaland Park is located a few kilometers from our hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

Movieland Studios Park: it is a theme park where you can find both attractions and shows set in movie sets where the look-alikes of famous actors will involve you in their show to make you feel part of the set, from Lara Croft to Freddy Cruger. Movieland Studios park opens from April to mid-September and in weekends until the end of October. It is located a few kilometers from our hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

Caneva Waterpark: it is in Lazise and it is a water park with attractions for families and adults, Caribbean Style offers a large area with sand, slides, lagoon-style pools with real waves, restaurant Medieval Times, Rock Star, Rodeo Grill. The park Caneva is situated a few kilometers from our hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

La Quiete Park: it is a water park in the countryside of Lonato, ten acres of meadow green, wooded areas equipped for picnics, swimming pools for the whole family with lots of sun beds, children’s area with water games pirate ship and castle, areas with sports soccer, beach volleyball, mini golf, fishing, restaurant and bar with pizza. La Quiete Park is located a few kilometers from our hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

Picoverde Park: it is located between the morainic hills of Garda, in Custoza, a few kilometers from Valeggio sul Mincio, offers a large lawn with umbrellas and sun beds, lagoon pool for adults and children, water slides, tennis courts, soccer field and restaurant with a green bar. The Picoverde Park is located a few kilometers from our hotel La Paul in Sirmione.

Cavour Waterpark: it is nestled in the countryside of Valeggio, a few kilometers from Lake Garda and from our hotels in Sirmione, offers a variety of attractions for all the family, bears and arctic island with penguins, marine beach with island , atoll rocky Caribbean , the island of Robinson with sailing ship among the rocks, tree trunks on the route , the Cavour park also offers a program of activities for both children , with performances of various kinds , both for adults with water aerobics, zumba and other group dances to be performed in water

Riovalli Waterpark: it is in Cavaoin Veronese,  is medium in size , but offers a green area of ​​seven thousand square meters , swimming pools with slides suitable for both adults and children , beach volleyball, soccer , and the park is particularly suitable for families with children who here can play safely , in fact, the lagoon has been studied for their children , as the area dedicated to them six hundred meters, but also no shortage of entertainment for adults. Riovalli Park is about thirty kilometers from our hotel in Sirmione.

Hotel La Paul in Sirmione is definitely the ideal starting point for a visit to any of the Garda Parks, in addition to all the information, we can find both the bikes to go to the parks without traffic packed lunches to avoid tails inside.