Convivium Voluptatis in Volta Mantovana

Every year at the end of June

Convivium Voluptatis: The night of Saint John is celebrated with the traditional feast in the Renaissance style with artists, musicians, jugglers, witches, fireworks, food and wine, at Palace Gonzaga-Cavriani. An opportunity to spend a nice weekend on Lake Garda, a few kilometers from Sirmione, in the heart of the morainic hills. The banquet returns the banquets of the Renaissance in all their splendor, with music, dancing, magical figures, court jesters, the play of light and shadows of the torches until the end of the dinner with the final show of fireworks. Participation is by reservation only. In the other days you are taking street entertainment with artists, jugglers, fortune tellers, acrobats, experienced warriors who train at the archery, with the Danish dark; try the games from medieval table and discover ancient arts or you will stop in the tavern where there will be taste typical local dishes accompanied by local wine.


Convivium Voluptatis volta mantovana

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